Work-From-Home Jobs Paying More Than The Average American Salary

Mar 22, 2023 By Kelly Walker

Brie Reynolds, a senior career consultant at FlexJobs, reports that remote jobs in the STEM sectors expanded by 50% in 2018. Financial, banking, insurance, healthcare, and real estate are just a few industries that have seen an increase in remote employment.

Remember that the definition of "remote work" might vary widely, from working a few days a week remotely to working remotely full-time. Working from home offers several advantages, including reduced travel time and costs, more flexible hours, and a more relaxed atmosphere.


In addition to seeing patients as required, you'll be responsible for doing evaluations and diagnoses, crafting treatment plans, and supervising your team's adherence to those plans. Stress your comfort with remote technologies and any teleconferencing software in addition to your formal training and state license to practice. Clinical work involves continual writing and communicating, thus highlighting your extensive writing abilities.

Medical Director

This is a position of authority at a hospital or other healthcare facility. It would help if you had a wealth of expertise in all aspects of the medical staffing and management spectrum. Depending on the role, you may need to travel and be on-site a few days a week. Prior experience supervising staff or caring for patients should be highlighted. The medical director is typically the public face of the organization or department they oversee. Thus they need to be able to convey complex ideas clearly in writing.

Data Scientist

A math, statistics, engineering, or computer science degree is helpful but optional, as is knowledge of the relevant computer languages. Data scientists employ computational frameworks to sift through massive amounts of raw data and draw conclusions that may be used in various sectors.

Aside from having exceptional data intuition, you'll also need excellent communication abilities. Data science's non-technical part is making compelling stories with the data. The ability to demonstrate success in the past in writing and communicating will set you apart from the competition.

Software Engineer

Software engineers develop, expand, and enhance products using various programming languages. Java, Javascript, SQL, C++, and Python are the primary languages utilized by software developers. Expect tight collaboration with developers and UX designers in this unexpectedly team-oriented role.

You need a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS) in CS, IT, SE, or Math to apply. It would help if you had a solid foundation in hardware, software, and a programming language that can be easily adapted to many situations.

Actuarial Analyst

This is a risk management position in which statistical models estimate undesirable outcomes' likelihood and financial impact. The job of an actuary, who often works in the insurance sector, is to calculate the sum of money that will be required now to compensate for a loss that will occur in the future.

Certification is often expected for entry-level actuarial employment. There are several tests, such as Exam P and Exam FM, that you must succeed in. Excel expertise in data analysis and presentation will put you ahead of the competition for this position. Be sure to highlight any relevant work history you may have had in data analysis, risk management, or investing.

Senior Business Analyst

To comprehend the difficulties and requirements of a company, senior business analysts gather information. Working with managers throughout the company, you'll adopt best practices and check in to ensure the suggestions bear fruit in this highly collaborative job. Time management and problem-solving chops of the highest order are required.

You'll be working closely with managers and their teams on various initiatives, so you'll need to convey your ideas in written and spoken forms effectively. Your worth will grow if you have any management, human resources, or IT expertise.

Senior Product Manager

A product manager's duties span the whole lifecycle of a product, from inception through final manufacturing. One example of a product manager's responsibilities at Google Cloud would be collaborating with the company's business and technical teams to develop and launch products and services in response to the company's best guesses about its customers' wants and needs.

Although an MBA is helpful, it is optional for top product managers. Yet, show you understand technical procedures and have commercial and marketing savvy. Provide examples of your work in product management, including creating and executing product roadmaps.

UX Architect

The user experience architect (UX architect) plans and designs a product's interface with the end user in mind. This role involves expertise in web design and development and an awareness of user experience and functionality.

Having a portfolio showcasing your UX solutions to previous projects and their needs is helpful. However, a bachelor's degree in industrial design, human-computer interaction, or human factors is not required.

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