Why Netflix Shows Are Different in Other Countries

Mar 25, 2023 By Rick Novak

More than 190 nations now have access to Netflix's (NFLX) streaming movie and television library. Nevertheless, you may need access to the same stuff you have at home when you go internationally. There are a number of reasons why you might not be able to watch your show abroad.

Why Each Nation Offers a Unique Selection of Programs

Hollywood studios spend millions on each film and TV series they produce, and those budgets can fluctuate considerably depending on several factors. Big blockbusters can cost hundreds of millions to develop and advertise, while small companies can crank out pictures for tens of thousands. Disney's Avengers:

Endgame tops the list, with an expected budget of $400 million (DIS). Production companies have a lot riding on the success of each film they make. Therefore they take protecting their copyright very seriously.

Studios' goal has always been to maximize profits at the box office, but the afterlife of a film has evolved dramatically in the previous decade. Once upon a time, piracy was not a significant issue since making copies of VHS cassettes and selling them on the black market was so labor-intensive.

Why You Can't Watch Netflix When On The Road

While traveling internationally, you'll be subject to the same restrictions as locals in your country. When you go internationally, Netflix restricts your viewing options to avoid potential conflicts with its studio partners. Netflix is available in that nation, although the selection may be limited compared to what you have at home.

In the United States, moviegoers may choose from approximately 4,000 different films. Yet, you'd be limited to about 2,500 titles if you traveled to Italy. Using a VPN is one technique to circumvent this.

Netflix does not explicitly forbid using virtual private networks (VPNs), proxies, or any other methods by its subscribers to circumvent geo-restrictions under its Terms of Service. 5

However, the corporation has taken measures, such as banning known VPN provider IPs, to guarantee that members may only access material available in the country where they are physically located. 6

Methods For Accessing Netflix Abroad

Nevertheless, not all VPNs will deceive Netflix. Using a virtual private network (VPN) to access Netflix will mask your location, allowing you to see just those series and movies accessible in all countries worldwide, as stated by the Netflix Help Center.

Netflix implies that your book collection will be reduced. Nevertheless, using a Virtual Private Network (VPN), accessing Netflix from abroad is a breeze. DNS tunneling, also known as Smart DNS, is another option.

Both methods accomplish the same thing, fooling Netflix into thinking your device is in a different location. Despite their usefulness, these approaches have some restrictions. You can't, for instance, stream Netflix from your mobile device to the big screen using a Chromecast.

These techniques may slow down the buffering and streaming process. On the other hand, you'll gain access to a much more extensive collection of videos than ever before.

Can A VPN Unblock Netflix In Another Country?

Even with what Netflix states, it is possible to access the Netflix library of another country using your existing Netflix account. If you're a Netflix believer, you might assume that the main reason to use a virtual private network (VPN) is so that you can watch Netflix from your home country even while you're away from home.

This was different for us, though. We used a US VPN in Canada to sign up for a new Netflix account. The ZIP code format didn't work with our Canadian payment card so we couldn't use it.

We verified this by trying to watch episodes that were only accessible in the US or Canada, respectively, and only when we paid with the same credit card through PayPal did the transaction go through.

We were granted access to the US Netflix catalog. After disconnecting from the VPN, we could not access content restricted to US viewers, such as Blade Runner: The Final Cut. The Canadian Netflix catalog, which includes movies like Terminator 2: Judgement Day that has yet to be available in the US, was a pleasant surprise.

The Bottom Line

Studios want to make money from their movies just as much as Netflix does from broadcasting them to customers worldwide. Mindful of existing copyright rules and agreements, Netflix negotiates with each studio to secure unique streaming deals for each area.

Now, Netflix has over 220 million paying customers worldwide, with more than 100 million users in countries other than the United States.7 Providing material without regard to location is crucial to gaining and keeping users.

With this goal in mind, Netflix has increased the time spent creating original programming. Spending on original content assets increased to $6 billion in 2018 from $2.9 billion the year before and is expected to reach $17.3 billion by 2020.

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